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Officer Medicinal Plant Horticultural Assistant

Designation: Officer-Medicinal Plant
Experience: 3-6 Years
Salary: 20K
Work activities
As a horticultural Assistant, you would oversee the development and growth of plants for one of the following purposes:
  • Cultivation of herbs, contract cultivation.
  • production / commercial horticulture - producing food crops and ornamental plants for sale to wholesalers, retailers, nurseries, garden centers and the public.
  • garden centers - producing plants for sale to the public along with products such as tools and garden furniture
  • parks and gardens - designing, constructing, managing and maintaining areas such as parks, gardens (historic or botanic) and public green spaces.
Your day-to-day tasks would vary depending on your particular job, but could include:
  • Managing, and possibly helping with, all aspects of cultivation
  • Preparing and modifying operational and business plans
  • Keeping records and handling budgets and accounts
  • Analyzing procurement costs
  • Developing new products and markets and negotiating with suppliers
  • Designing layouts and developing planting programmes.
  • Scheduling the planting and harvesting of crops
  • Managing the implementation of health and safety regulations and procedures
  • Recruiting and managing staff
  • Maintaining a skilled and trained workforce.

Working hours and conditions
Your working hours may vary according to the season, and could include weekends and public holidays. Early starts and late finishes are common.
Depending on the job, you could be office-based or work outdoors. You may need to travel to visit sites i.e. within Pan India or Nepal, suppliers and customers.

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