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Microbiologist Need in Kundli Sonepat

 we need one microbiologist on urgent basis in kundli industrial Area, for more please contact to under signed,,
Company is a manufacturing of food cream products,,
all details are given bleow,,

1:- Microbiology
Ø  Microbiological analysis of product as well as plant, environment, water, Pathogenic study.
Ø  Determination of Microbial assay.
Ø  Lactic acid bacillus spore count.
Ø  Micro testing, evaluation, trend, Microscopic identification.
Ø  Environmental monitoring by settle plate method and Air sampler method.
Ø  Calibration of Lab instrument including dead weight tester, autoclave, incubator etc.
2:- Manufacturing
Ø  Manufacturing of  ointment, table , capsule and food supplement products.
Ø  Manufacturing of raw syrup & ready syrup, Non- Dairy Topping cream, Cooking cream and Jelly maintained in hygienic and GMP condition.
Ø  Physio - chemical analysis of ready syrup like brix, TA, color turbidity.
Ø  Physio - chemical analysis of water (Raw water, RO water, water for injection)
Ø  Analysis of on line and Final product testing, like brix, TA, temperature.
Ø  Timely updating of written PRP, OPRP and HACCP point.
Ø  Ensure the CIP of process line and record the CIP activity.

3:- Food safety System Implementation                                                                                                                                       
Ø  Integrated Pest management system management.
Ø  Total quality management, GMP, GHK.
Ø  HACCP analysis, and FSSC, GMP, documentation and implementation.
Ø  Product quality control as well as production from process to line.
Ø  Calibration of Lab instrument including dead weight tester, autoclave, incubator etc.
Ø  Food Safety team leader and internal Auditor of Plant.
Ø  Traceability of product, FIFO, Market Complaints handling, Vendor Audit.
4:- Process and product Development
Ø  Preparation of Standard operating procedure (SOPs), Modification, validation and verification.
Ø  Operation of CIP system and R.O system.
Ø  Raw Material/Packing material verification, Qualification and validation like for  Corrugated Boxes, Performs, Can, Sugar, premixes, preservative, flavor  etc.
Ø  Product development and R&D for jelly and cooking cream.
Ø  Process Development for CIP system, Jelly and cream manufacturing process.
Ø  Physical Stress( like sun, temperature) study on food products and pharma product like tablet, capsules multivitamins products,jelly, non dairy cream, cooking cream, cake glaze.
Ø  Shelf life study, Product stability study
4:- Manufacturing Excellence
Ø  Are qualification of manufacturing and microbiological areas.
Ø  Area validation(DOP test, Air velocity and pressure differential setup)

Ø  GMP, GLP,5S training and awareness program.


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