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Opening for BAMS in Delhi NCR

We have urgent profile, details are here under:-

Designation: Vaidya (for ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit)

Educational Qualification: B.A.M.S.

Experience: 5-7 Years. (on same designation)

Must know the following testing:-

1. Alcohol content of Liquid by distillation method.
2. Total Soluble solid (T.S.S.) of liquid with sugar or without sugar.
3. Reducing Sugar, Non Reducing Sugar by titration method.
4. Total Phenolic content.
5. Presence of Methyl Alcohol.
6. Total ass, water soluble ass, acid insoluble ass.
7. Alcohol Soluble extractive (A.S.E.)
8. Water Soluble extractive (W.S.E.)
9. Iodene Value, Saponification Value, Peroxide Valule.
10. Viscosity, Optical rotation, water content in oil.
11. Can Handle Karlfisher, Polarimeter Machines.
12. Knowledge of chemicals testing & Identification.
13. Calibration of pH meter.

1. Haevy metals (Hg, Cd, Pb)
2. Sheive Analysis
3. Testing of Packing Material.
4. Saponification.
5. Iodine Testing

Salary: Not Constraint for right candidate.

for more details please call to undersigned, 


Amit 9136662880
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Delhi, India

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