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What Happen When a Person Meets His Wife at The Door of Heaven

A person perishes
Reached the gates of heaven
Chitra met on her own!
Chitragupta said - "You are a
Condition could come within
Be! "

Person: - "Which condition
Lord? "
Chitragupta: - "you a word
That is, the tongue is a foreigner,
Must specify the exact spelling! "
Person: - "What word of God?"
Chitragupta: - "Love!"
Person: - "L-O-V-E!"
Chitragupta: - "Very good;
You can come inside! "
The person to be filed within
, The only of Chitragupta
Mobile rang!
Chitragupta: - "God is calling us
Are you one minute gate
Take a look at us now
Come on back! "
Person: - "Lord commanded!"
Chitragupta: - "Our absence
If no other creature here
When he reached the
Love him before '
Sure spelling of the word
Ask if she is your
Like mentioned the spelling right
Let him come inside! "
Otherwise the front
Send to the gates of Hell.
Person: - "OK!"
So saying go Chitragupta
And that the person at the door
Began to watch!
Phuchi there is only one woman!
They see that person very
She was surprised that her
He said - "Ari suspects, thou
Jumped here? "
Guddi: - "Your Last
After the funeral, when I
Returning from cremation grounds
Then there was a blue line bus
Crushed me, his
After I became conscious
So I was standing here! Now
Let me move in! "
Person: - "Not like this, God
According to the rules here,
A word before you
Spelling tell exactly
Will, if you get in here
Can come. Or
From the front door you
'll Go to Hell! "
Guddi: - "What word?"
Person: - "Czechoslovakia!"

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