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Parts of Our Face Chart Consist of in Hindi or English

Your face is your main identification. It is between your both ears , chin and forehead. It is the main way to show expression or way to say without speak a word
Parts of Our Face Chart Consist of in Hindi or English

bone structure is a noun and Shape of your face is also consist or formed or depend on bone structure which are below your face skin.

Eye brow is the part on your face located above your eyes, it is made of hairs and in the shape of a layer.
Eye Brow is also a Noun.

Cheek is a bland or flaccid part on our face and surrounded by nose, ear, lips, eye and chin. Cheek is a Noun

Chin is the surface or foundation or bottom section on your visage or face. It is between your mouth and neck. Chin is a Noun.

Complexion we can say it arena or incidental color or concert. It is God gifted. It depend on the climate and your job what kind of your duty is. Normally we find pale, dark and smooth complexioned person. Complexion is Noun.

Crease is also called wrinkles this comes on face after an experience of age. These are made of skin and at the outer corner of eyes.  Crease is a Noun. This is also called Crows Feet.

Dimple it is a symbol of attraction and found either on our cheek or Chin. Dimple is Noun. 

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