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Meaning of Moles on Different Parts of Body like Lips and Other

Almost every man and woman must mole is found on the rough part. What is the significance of the mole? What meaning of mole on what part of the body. As per the Samudraikshastra  integral part of astrology mole on any part of the body gives a different prompts. If the moles anywhere on the face, so you can understand the nature of the person.  Meaning of moles on the man's right and women on the left limb is considered auspicious. If we exchange the moles on both body the outcome will be mixed.

Before we tell you what part of the body being a mole on what the effects are, and we will tell you the names of some organs are mentioned saturate how the personality of the person.
It is also a mode of Marine Science, the human being can recognize the person looking at her limbs.
On the forehead - stronger

  • Chin - loving woman
  • Between the two arms - are trips
  • Right eye - love the woman
  • Left eye - are bickering wife
  • On the right cheek - are rich
  • On the left cheek - that increases spending
  • On the lips - are involved in the subject-lust
  • Ear - are ephemeral
  • Neck - to relax
  • On the right side - the value-prestige met
  • On the left side - to be cantankerous
  • On the nose - are trips
  • On the right chest - women are loved
  • On the left chest - women have fought with
  • In waist - age trouble passing
  • Between the two chest -'re happy life
  • On the stomach - Best meal keen
  • On the back - often had to travel to
  • On the right palm - stronger
  • On the left palm - plenty to spend
  • On the back of the right hand - to be wealthy
  • On the back of the left hand - less spending
  • On the back of the left hand - less spending
  • The right foot - be wise

  • Left foot - more spending

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