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Sample Test Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams SSC, CTET, HTET and Others

  • 1.    Which state has the longest coastline in India? 
A: Kerala 
B: Odisha 
C: Gujrat
D: Maharashtra

Ans  Gujrat

  • 2.    Question: Which country has decided to end the 60-year-old Pacific is the Constitution? 
A: America 
B: Japan 
C: Mexico 
D: China

Ans Maxico

  • 3.    Q. There was India's first lady., P. 
's. IPS officer? 
(A) Anna George 
(B) billion Matthew Rose 
(C) Nirmala Buch (D) Kiran Bedi

Ans Kiran Bedi

  • 4.    Hanuman's son's name 
1. Gruddwaj 
2. Makardhwaj 
3. Gtotkc

Ans Makardhwaj

  • 5.    World ki sabse costly chiz keya hai ?
B.. uranium
C. Diamond
D. Platinum

  • 6.    India's highest military decoration Which of the following 
(A) Ashok Chakra 
(b) Kirti Chakra 
(c) PVC (d) Mahavir Chakra

Ans C

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