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Unemployment in India and World Problem

When a person is without work that is called joblessness or unemployment. It is dangerous to the generation it becomes more harmful when joblessness suffer the young generation. As per the record of world labor organization 197 million people are jobless over the world.
Unemployment in India and World Problem

Time by time our govt. and other social working bodies held discussion over the causes , aftermaths and Solutions of unemployment.

Maximum high of unemployment was in 2010 it was 9.4 percent and low was in 2011 3.8 %
On average it is around 7.4 percent

Causes of Unemployment in India is the highest population in India. All the resources to beat the unemployment looks small  to over come this problem, Indian is the second populated country in the world after China. Because of joblessness most of the children are not going to school because their

Steps by Govt. to reduce unemployment

Our govt. has decided to given minimum 100 days employment to those who are living in villages under the project of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. It has been implemented in 200 districts and now it will be implemented in around 600 districts of India. 

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