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Natural Resources Types Use and Misuse

What is Natural Resources
Anything which we use and it comes direct from nature is called natural resources.

Examples – air, Coal , Iron, Water,  Oil, Wood,  Wind Energy and  Hydro Electric Energy.  
Cooking oil is natural resources because it is made by us not by nature,,,
Natural Resources Types Use and Misuse
Types of Natural Resources
There are two types of natural resources one is renewable resources and other is non - renewable resources.
Renewable resourcs are air and Water
Non Renewable resources are Coal, Iron , Gases and Oil
Availability of Natural resources
All the natural resources are found at different – different location is different capacity. The availability of natural resources is depend on the geography of the place and environment of that place.
For example we find coal in Jharkhand and bihar where petroleum products are found in gulf area or Bombay high,, all this is because of the natural geography of that place
Right Use of Natural Resources
·         One should use the natural resource as per the need
·         Always try to save non renewable resources for future
       Start maximum use of Solar and Air energy instead of oil and coal
·         It will help you to use non renewable resources in right direction if you Keep in mind that Non Renewable resources are property of our new generation also
·         Never waste ground water it is precious and try to save it

Misuse of Natural Resources
·         Excessive mining of natural resources like iron, cola and oil
·         If mines are in forest then we have to remove the forest
·         For wood we cut tree and remove the forest and hurt natural life of animal and our environment
·         Excessive use of natural resources also effact our environment and health
·         It is also major source of Air, Soil and Water Pollution

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