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Ban Child Labor Over the World

Stop Child Labor
Millions of Children are suffering because of Child Labor , both boys and girls are included in this ratio, this is for any particular country but this is problem the whole world, this is found in high ratio where education standard is low and education percent is less. 
Stop Child Labor

Child labor is unfavorable for their health as well as mind development. Poverty , Lac of Education and unsystematic residence colonies, unavailability of school are the main causes of Child labor.

In 2001 as per the census of India the total estimated number of child labor was around 12.6 million the age group in this number was 5 to 14 years,,, this number was only in India and the total number of estimated child labor over the world was around 217 million,,,

African Countries has the maximum number of child labor, In India Agriculture is around 60% employer of Child Labor,
Child Labor involved in industry ratio

Steps to Stop Child Labor

To Stop Child Labor Indian Govt passed  Factory Act in 1948, as per the act child below the age of 14 was not eligible to work in Factories,
In 1958 Mines Act was applied , as per this Act below 18 years of age all the children can not work in Mines, if found case can be filed against the mine contractor,,

In 2009 new Act is passed which provides compulsory education and free life upto the age of 14 years..

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