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The Blood Type Personality Test What It Says About You

Human nature according to their blood group
An Old Japanese Confidence each blood group Specific Personality is Connected With Symptoms, and Symptoms, and Blood Group of that mere General Knowledge of a Person and Character of Basic Behavior for Forecasting can be used which tells. It is lack of scientific evidence, it is taken place within Japan, Magazines and TV shows the wider popular.
The Blood Type Personality Test What It Says About You

The Person Blood group race, flap or not depend on age. Age finally sent on this
heritage before life is unchangeable. Partly it is our arrogance, and obstinacy predestines nature. All this Japanese island more lakh in habitants of reading confirmed.
Under the system, four different ABO blood types associated with different personality traits are given below.
Our blood Group tell us about our nature

Blood Group-A  The Farmers
Farmers, the people with Blood group A in the form of Patient, Sent Peace-loving and loyal. These person Generation Sensitive, and social level of etiquette and a very can care are. They are susceptible to feelings of others, but his people get the time to share. They very careful while taking the decision, and at a time to deal with a work are more comfortable.
Good Traits               _                      Bad Traits
Shy                                                    Earnest   
Loyal                                                Fastidious
Organized                                      Pessimistic
Calm                                                Stubborn
Gentle                                           Obsessive
Perfectionist                                Too Sensitive

Famous People with Blood Type A: Adolf Hitler, George H.W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Britney Spears, Jet Li & Ringo Starr.

Blood Type B - The Hunters
According to the classic B is considered Hunters, and they were beaten up or at least unorthodox selection of tracks. (Blood group O of’ ‘hunters peter D Adamo’ confused with’s Plantation not to they are quick decisions Manufacturers, but could not easily order. His mind is set on they some have the potential to on focus. And there is no out of the reach how targets. In this regard to people who are never. Scientific work the Conclusion and Practical are much.
Good Traits               _                      Bad Traits
Strong                                                    Moody
Cheerful                                              Forgetful
Hardworking                                      Insensitive
Creative                                              Erratic
Expressive                                          Impatient
Individualistic                                  Irresponsible
Famous People with Blood Type B: Vince Young, Leonardo Dicaprio,Paul Mc Cartney, Jack Nicholson, Tom Selleck & Luciano Pavarotti.
Human nature according to their blood group

Blood Type: AB - The Humanists
With this relatively rare blood group of individuals, Often is treated as guilt, And most of all practical. They excellent analytical skills and logical argument. However, they As a blood and they rely on outgoing and time can be B is celebrated with those of the symptoms of a mixture Can represent , But sometimes very shy can work. However, Silent and Calm He was Concerned about an Unsolved Problem can and troubled. These because of different people Characteristics of blood groups A to display their Amalgamation with the trend to classify may be difficult.
Good Traits               _                      Bad Traits
Cool                                                 Critical 
Rational                                        Forgetful
Controlled                                   Unforgiving
Caring                                            Dualistic
Charming                                      Indecisive
Dependable                               Irresponsible
Famous People with Blood Type AB:  barrack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Chan & Thomas Edison.

Blood Type: O – The Warriors
The people with blood group O Trade center often, and very strong and warriors may like standing. They are not only honest, but it is also a fact hide people, which is not choice. These person, leaders It but it seems meaningless if defeat work are easily. They usually better points to ignore more details.
Good Traits               _                      Bad Traits
Honest                                              Vain
Ambitious                                        Doubtful
Optimistic                                        Workaholic
Energetic                                           Envious
Confident                                        Arrogant
Passionate                                   Unpredictable
Famous People with Blood Type O: Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth II, Al Capone & Prince Charles.

Relationship between blood type and personality no scientific evidence However, the view of scientific basis for racism had become. Those in the west in the form of deputy, blood group B, The most Common Asian among the people with blood group label persons. In addition, during 1900 the commencement of a kind of feature of blood ‘better’ it is suggested that existence of blood line on a large scale was not publicity.

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