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Moles are Clues for Your Nature and Destiny

Moles On Our Body and Its Effect

Moles on various parts of their body which can be found mark. Indian and Chinese astronomy, fate of mole person Interpretation in the form of representation. Individual planets at the time of formation of the fetus in the mother's womb will start. 

Moles are Clues for Your Nature and Destiny
Some more planets and some at least affected embryo. Focus on the surface of the body when these effects in the formation sesame result. antarala Lagan and his God, 6 home Prabhu, moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu Uranus, on the human
body mole form. Aries Lagna Lord Saturn planet posited in the amount if for example, of indigenous (Aries for head share amount ) for a black sesame (black Saturn Planet ) will be production
Moles On Our Body and Its Effect

The female sign and planet affected masculine of the body, sesame Right In part will be formed . Sign and planet woman, left side of sesamum body would be formed. For example, Mars Planet (Male) In Scorpio and Venus (men planet) (Female) representation of sign Level A combination of larger of sesamum forms. Tue planet is strong, then the mole will be on the right side on the genitals Venus is strong, sesame would be formed on the left. Color of Moles colors of the planets could be decided. For example, Saturn and Rahu and Mars black mole red mole.
Moles on face and their show our density

Moles their colors, shapes and sizes, and they are located at the place where the body should be interpreted accordingly. Honey red color or in color or green color moles usually introduces good luck. Black mole in worse outcomes. So do not see the little moles, will not give any results. Only the larger value will result. Long Acquire give good results. Moles that are square in shape will give poor results initially, but they end up good results. As a triangle moles, sometimes good and sometimes bad, have produced mixed results. Moles will result in worse shape curve. Now, according to their location on the human body to discuss the effects of moles.

Meaning of Moles on other parts of Body

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