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Finger Characteristics and Shapes in Astrology

Finger Characteristics and Shapes
The examination of the fingers and the entire hand in the form of in respect of well in respect of himself in the form of justice should be made that it is important to note.
Finger Characteristics and Shapes
The Length of your Finger
Length of his fingers relative size of his palm. On average, the most for a long time about his palm finger seven eighths size, and it is in the form of long time is in the
form of his palm, his fingers is considered long. Small fingers palm low in comparison with those seven eight. Fingers, in respect of first finger thumb below to involvement of general. However index, middle finger nails from the path of one-third above accesses. Names usually only reaches above the middle finger nails and small finger ring-finger joint top of should reach.
The Length of your Finger  meaning in Astrology
  • ·        Of a person and the size length of fingers, intellectual, emotional or even a more physical person ​ ​that could be categorized as to. Showing more physical nature heavy fingers. Long and thin person emotional and aggressive types of more are a symbol of. Emotional person very easy that small and the thick show.
  • ·        More than normal length its first finger long, you may be a leader to others and what to tell. Although it is low, you sit back and others for control of you.
  • ·        More than its height is normal ring-finger, you a artistic talent, and at the same a callous and wild nature may become. Is lower than the normal length of your little finger, it shows lack of ability to influence others It is long, so you are very articulate, and are good at writing and sales.

The Spaces Between Your Fingers in Astrology
The Spaces Between Your Fingers

The fingers are spaced apart by the way is also important to note. In case of a rest my hand some fingers separate from others and how imminent fingers standing about how some Sticking quarry
  • 1.     Between the two their small finger of space with a great deal, separate names from an independent mind when vertical signified.
  • 2.     Ring finger, middle finger sticks closely related to life when art is shown. Your destiny will aid in your success.
  • 3.     Stick the middle finger and index finger close together, It ranks right through you achieve your goals and aspirations will reveal. They are separate standing; your situation will come from other means.
    The Smoothness of Your Fingers in Astrology
The Smoothness of Your Fingers
Roughness of fingers and their Joints is also a finger or Knottiness represents, in respect of which Fields Easy dealings with practical and intellectual achievement of a person within the most likely are active life which will be the area of a good indication. With the middle finger service (goals, ban) is related. Forefinger Authority (status, wealth, happiness) is related. Meet ring-finger (reputation, success) is related too. Small finger activity (healthy, mind Commercial undertaking) is related too. 
  • 1.     your joints are generally smooth, you may become disabled, but at the same the time is quite impulsive and sometimes may lead to carelessness.
  • 2.     between the top of your knuckles are smooth and knotty people are whose wisdom and practicality you are a person with a job well done. Characterized by a strong innate drive are well developed knuckles.
  • 3.     Within Avoirdupois fingers pad and at the same time melancholy of those areas features of each finger a good show development or lack of it.
The Shape of your Fingers
Meaning of The Shape of your Fingers in Astrology

The size of fingers in general, is compatible with the size of hands, but the most finger hands represent a mixture. to the mixture of virtues and talents of one person help in creating a diversity. Fingers nails type of size of trying to determine is used. Size of nails fingers often told almond size, conical fingers oval nails; class fingers class nails, size of Sangamon fingers at gunpoint for Class-based nails.
  • 1.    With regard to the characteristics of a square finger represents a down-to-earth quality. A raised a finger shows the artistic nature. Size of a Sangamon Inventiveness represents the finger. A section of one person names had a mixed finger type of situation if, for example, they usually concerned, perhaps their possession will not art, they are also raised a first finger, but if artistic might be interested.
  • 2.    Directly fingers, honest, direct and clear, which is headed by a person represent. A nasty fingers and was malicious quality was evident.
  • 3.    In respect of nails, long nails showing a soft heart, nails short and uncomfortable nature of a crazy show, Properties, showing detailed nail quarrelsome, narrow nails show a conservative and sophisticated nature.
Thumb impress meaning in Astrology

The Thumb

Perhaps the most important thumb our body is one in aspects. We easily this day use of almost every second. Palms closely with the development of mind and eyes have been agreement, but from the point of science Palmistry, thumb with desire of a person is related to a great deal.

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