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Atmosphere of the Earth Layers Composition Climate

The Layered Atmosphere

Stand out and look. What do you see? You can see the blue sky or clouds wooly. Stars at night, you can see a satellite or a crescent moon. You do not see, however, is the complexity of our environment. A Relatively small atmosphere within the limits of sunlight, and keep Temperature out of radiation output, life on earth shelters that a protective layer gases.
Atmosphere of the Earth Layers Composition Climate

With increasing height atmosphere that changes in temperature are prescribed by that is in the five different layers.
Troposphere: On the surface of earth, we usually is in all-weather, where is the lowest layer these perturbations are decreasing in the Board are aware of incidents. Of the sun air Energy to the surface of the Earth which absorb is hot, because this layer from above the basis of his is hot.
Troposphere is the layer in our atmosphere in which we are living first layer on the earth

Stratosphere: Above anguish jet airplane flight from the board Stratosphere mandal in filling up of is vested. an increase in the quantum of temperature because Ozone Height there is an increase with. Ozone layer within Stratosphere mandal light of the sun harmful ultraviolet radiations of the absorb.
Stratosphere is the second layer in our environment

Mesosphere: Mesosphere Stratosphere upwards Stratosphere spread over in the form of Mandal, Reduction in temperature. Cold parts of this atmosphere of our located in Layer and can get - 90 degrees C.
Thermosphere: Forward from surface of the earth layer, atmospheric, So far an air molecule which means that is thin. Thermosphere is very sensitive for solar activity and sun Night sky lighting that an Aurora is active to 1, 500 degree C or more can hot for. Space station Space Shuttle or revolving over the earth in this layer astronaut their time in are suffering.
Thermosphere is the second upper layer in our atmosphere

Exosphere: Exosphere is said, Nuclear and space molecule escaped in upper layer where our atmosphere.

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