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Amazon River Forest Tribal Food Living Culture

Amazon River: Forest Amazon backpacker world tour incentives and beauty of magnificent amezon some of the mysteries of Brazil where are located in heart of amezon Nestmanaus in which is for you to is welcome.
Amazon River Forest Tribal Food Living Culture


We rain forest jungle primary tourism, Amazon river campaign, fish catch travel,
journeys and existence are special in the training.Our Guide in jungle Amazon original in habitants from small communities. They are Multi-lingual and many years of experience.
Hunting Tribal person in Amazon river forest

House Boat: According to the your interests jungle tour we organized nature.Deep in the forest we Amazon Path on an unforgettable journey. We visited various areas of Amazon lodge a boat or visit for forest directly and people of Indian origin have to take home. Our Dream to show you Amazon jungle and its forest is giving you a Wonderful visit.
House boat in Amazon forest

It also Amazon boat kitchen, bathing, Mosquito net from bad with A well-equipped home two story boat in the south of Manaus and Hammocks.
You spent on visit of the scheme of boat depending upon the number of days Activities available, you may be able to all boat To return to for sleeping on, or you have chosen to sleep in the forest, Someone wants to back for you a can and will boat breakfast .
Tribal Family members in amazon river forest

Culture in Amazon Forest: The best Violeta Queen crew Amazon area in their knowledge of the river, Our people and wild life chosen for. No formal lectures and You informal chat from all sides is that various and delicate pale Talking about eco-system open.
Culture in Amazon Forest

Our tourism Cofán our cultural perspective you Amazon Wonderful world of rain forest exposed . Your guide Cofán all men and in this atmosphere, lived his life The women, the very well understands.
Tribal House in Amazon river forest

Amazon’s Houses: Our comfortable thatched roof of you Temporary Shelters in the form of sleep in our Long trucks are traveling in food and our archetypal Food , are become part of village.
Tribal house in Amazon river forest

Amazon’s Food:
Fruits in amazon river forest for favorite to tribe

Tribal searching fishes in amazon river forest

Banana is common food in amazon river forest

Animal Found in those Forest:  Because of the Tambopata Rainforest macaws for 20 years is working with that Tambopata Research Center are running in for a Research Project and Similarly Hornbill macaws and its Because of the population and healthy parrot for a kind of parrot lovers A warm place a reputation . From a large claylick TRC less than one kilometer. Similarly Hornbill from the top of the 17 species has been observed on claylick.
Colorful birds in amazon river forest

Snake found in amazon river forest

frog in amazon forest

Animals found in amazon river forest

dear in amazon river forest

Amazon’s Dresses:

Amazon’s Peoples and their Children’s:

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