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About Swami Vivekananda Life Story and Teachings

Swami Vivekananda

About Swami Vivekananda Life Story and Teachings - The Indian Hero
About Swami Vivekananada:
Swami Narendra Nath Datta's name was pre-monastic life. January 12, 1863 He was born into an affluent family in Kolkata.HisFather, Vishwanath Datt, of interest in various subjects with a successful lawyer, and her mother, Bhuvanesvari, etc. deep bhakti, Strong character qualities like was concluded. Precocious boy, Narendra music, gymnastics and studies have mastered. He taught from the Calcutta University of full time graduate. Various subject to a large Knowledge, Particularly acquisition of western philosophy and history. He Said that was a yoga nature and even boyhood from that Attention to practice is used for, for
some time and also the Brahma was incorporated in movement.
Family of Swami Vivekananda

The original name was Narendranath Datta Swami Vivekananda and his mother was The father called him 'bile. He said that on 12January 1863, Born in Shimla Palli of Calcutta. His Father vishwanath Datta of subjects with a detailed series of interest in a successful Lawyer, and her mother, Bhuvanesvari Devi, deep bhakti, Strong Character and other qualities was concluded with.
Education of Swami Vivekananda

The Powerful Memory Vivekananda with a boy and it was formed his in childhood music, gymnastics and taught excellent performance. He also important role and interest in vocal music.
In 1879, Vivekananda went to Calcutta University for Higher education Presidency College.  He degree from time college various subjects to a large Knowledge, Particularly acquisition of western philosophy and history. He also said that for some time, Keshub Chandra sen movement of Brahman in the leadership of connected. Vivekananda Brajendrenath Seal always a close friends had been supported. John Stuart  Mill, Auguste Comte, Spencer and GWF Harbert acts read both jovial confidence and Spiritual insight in order to understand Hegel. He also Superstitious customs and of religion and caste validity of Discrimination on the basis question. During this Spiritual crisis, Vivekananda first William Hastie, Scottish Church College from the Principal of shri Ramakrishna heard.
With Ramakrishna Paramhansa:
Swami Vivekananda With Ramakrishna Paramhansa

One day in November 1881, Vivekananda shri Ramkrishna had been living where Dakshineshwar black near the temple. The government directly to god you have seen? , A movement of Ramakrishna asked without Hesitation, Shri Ram Krishna said: “Yes, It seems to me as I see you only in a very deep sense, clearly in the form of it in view. Reply of Ram Krishna Vivekananda was Surprised with. He is Saying that a common to view the ordinary also surprised ‘God was’ be seen can. In Addition, from the mids of Naren, no doubt from a distance from the shri Ramakrishna their suddha, uninterested through love of the win. Dakshineshwar Vivekananda often visited and ‘master and started Disciples’ a Relationship has developed between the two.
Vivekananda as a Monk:
Vivekananda as a Monk

In 1884, Vivekananda of his father because of a crisis for death Bottom. Now,  his mother and brother and sister it to the support.  And,  after some months his Guru Ramakrishna seriously ill appearance. He was people suffering from neck cancers. In September 1885, Shri Ramakrishna Shyampukur was taken to for, Months after Vivekananda in Kashipur taken tournament based of a rented. Here, he is also in the form of Vivekananda confidence in a principles young people to Constituted of a group. Young Following, care of dedicated master bred. 16 August,1889 Shri Ram Krishna left his perishable body.
Life of Swami Vivekananda as a Yogi and Reformer

In trains around him to fifteen death of shri Ram Krishna, Kolkata reply baranagar in a chronic- dilapidated living together in building up for began. In the Leadership of Naren, they monastery a new constitution of brotherhood, and in 1887 new name such handling, Retirement formal pledge, after a few months, they are well wandering to become sadhu left for a trip.
RamKrishna Mission:
RamKrishna Mission

All over the country during his visit of my countrymen, Vivekananda deep terrible poverty units to see the injury. starving people until the day has been found in any food for them and Shelter are available . He also despite their poverty stuck with common people religion, found that. The swamiji one thing clear: For the spread of education and For the up liftment of poor people out for their plans to move , Dedicated for women and also of the people was in need of efficient organization. After few years, Of the world biggest charitable relief operations, one Setting up of Ramakrishna Mission.
Death (Last days):

In 1899 he june on a visit of one another was for west. This the United States of America time in the west coast most of his time he spent. After giving several lectures there, Math at Bellur in December 1900 to him returned. The rest of his life, India, motive and guide the monks people Both had been spent and keep . Work continuously, Particularly lectures and inspiring people, The swamiji said on health. His health is bad and end quietly on the night of 4th July 1902. Their before Mahasamadhi  a western followers had written to: It might be a good worn out garment cut close it cast for to get out of my body. But I will not Struggle for work. It whole world with god is one that till I know every place will be men will motive.

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