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Black Magic, Vashikaran Mantra to Control Someone with Defination

Black Magic, Sadhna, Vashikaran Mantra to Control Someone with DefinationVashikaran Mantra

Definition:-  Vashikaran is a Power of Mantra, With the help of these powerfull mantra . we can divert someone thought and mind as per wishes. By which we can do anything it’s may be good or bad, as we want. Few people use of vashikaran Mantra for change the mind completely for evil work. But that is wrong. Some people  suffer  Like Negative Hypnotism, Jadu-tona , mental torture, may be any thing. So, for reduce the Vashikaran you use the some Influence reduce mantra . it use always prefer Humanity.Symptoms of Black magic

Mantra No.1:-  “OM Namo…(name of the person, who has you control someone)…. May Vashyam HOM HOM HOM SWAHA”. …………. you have to use the name of person,  who want to control in place of (----------).  And  you  japa 51 times sandle cycle .its usefull & powerfull Vashikaran mantra. You can use of mantra for male & female.

Sabar Mantra to control Someone , Vashikaran Sabar Mantra

Mantra no.2:- “ OM VASHYAM SWAHA” This has a lot of power . if you use (japa) this mantra, you can control the person as you want. This mantra japa in 5100 times on any festival like diwali or surya-grahan & holi. Before Repeat the mantra you have to put the nail or photo anything else,then 5100 times japa the mantra. Then sure he/she whom you want to control will be done.

Mantra no.3:-  “OM NAMO VASHYAM …(person name who has you control)… KAROMI KAROMI SWAHA”----This mantra japa in 1100 times in the night time from Saturday or Tuesday only. When you start the mantra Repeat (japa) you keep the photo and name of the person on paper who want to contro the someone then you start it. Soonly , It will be Successful this mantra.

Vashikaran Mantra Sadhna E - Books

Mantra no.4:- “OM AKARSHYE KAM-DEVAYE NAMO NAMAH”---When you eat the food, You japa this mantra 1151 times then you remind the face of her/he whom you  wish to control the person, then you take the food. Finally he/she very soon would be under the control.

Mantra no.5:- “OM NAMHO NAMHO KAMEN RUPEN SWAHA”- This Mantra is Husband Vashikaran Mantra……………You can take a mixture of Sandlewood and desi ghee (made of cow milk) pit of the gorochan and  Make it energetic.when yoy start regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 1.25 lakh times brings pleasure and peace of mind, after that you put the tika/ tilak on your forhead.finally Husband will follow you & under of controle of your.

Mantra no.6:- “OM NAMOH BHAGWATI CHAMUNDA MAHAHRIDAY KAMPINI SWAHA”- InThis Mantra  you have to use the desi pan. You take desi paan. and 2 long, 1 supari keep on the paan. Then you japa 121 times with energetic mood .after this you want to control  someone, give to eat tis paan .very soon he/she would be under of control of your.

Mantra no.7:- By this Vashikaran Mantra-to bring person back: “OM NAMOH BHAGWATE RUDRAYE A-DRISHTI LEKHI NAHAR” FIRST OF ALL You take little peace of cloth the person whom to bring back.cloth Put your on hand energtcaly japa this mantra 121 times and keep it in your pocket. You have to do it 21 days. Sourely he/she whatever  will come back to you for forever
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Black Magic can be Removed by Vashikaran or Vedic Mantra
Black Magic

 Note - These Mantra should be formed under a guru with properguide,, otherwise result chances can be less


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