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ULTIMATE BEAUTY SPELL , Spells To Be Beautifull

ULTIMATE BEAUTY SPELL , Spells To Be Beautifull
Spells to get beauty
Do you want to Become more n more Beautiful than Already you are, but  you increase your glow in your face and want to be more gorgeous then you are ready to offer a full moon circle to this objective ? if so, this is a spell for you.
Preparation:- first of all  find out when the coming next full moon in your local calendar. Then start the preparation for the spell.
You take a box or whatever you have suitable for you,
which you feel comfortable for both you and your Spell. After that you Start Collecting Picture and Photo of People that you find Beautyful. Cut only this from the picture. However, it is attractive to have as Many full pictures as possible.
Buy about 1kg of salt (you may use sea salt but I prefer the cooking salt as it is more gentle), about 0.3lt (1½ cups) of extra virgin olive oil and 30-45ml of each of the following essential oils: red rose (not rose absolute), lily, and lemon flowers. DON’T use lemon essential oil. You may use lavender instead of lemon flower if you have sensitivity in lemon flower, but if you can use the original do so, as it is much better both for the spell and for the skin. If you know you have an allergy to any of these oils don’t use them

ULTIMATE BEAUTY SPELL , Spells To Be Beautifull
Beauty Spells

The Sunday before the Full Moon in a bottle big enough mix the essential oils as follows:

Pour the rose oil saying:
“Here is my beauty...”
Pour the lily oil saying:
“... my everlasting youth...”
Pour the lemon flower oil saying:
“... and my glare, just like the Sun’s.”

Close the bottle and shake it well but gently, so that the oils will mix nicely. If you have bought good quality essential oils you will have no problem mixing them

ULTIMATE BEAUTY SPELL , Spells To Be Beautifull
Result of Beauty Spells