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Simple Interview Questions Asked For Freshers and Experienced in all Sector

Simple Interview Questions Asked For Freshers and Experienced in all Sector
Simple Interview Question for All Jobs

1.       About yourself majorly asked to fresher
2.       Past Experience
3.       Reason for leaving job
4.       What do you want to be after 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years?
5.       Strength and Weakness
6.       How much salary do you expect?
7.       Do you prefer to work in a team or independently?
8.       Would you be comfortable with rotational shifts?
9.       Do you enjoy working in a team?
 What was your supervisor’s choice?
11.   Your views about your manager
12.   Your views about your colleague in your last organization
13.   Why should we select you?
14.   What motivates you to perform better?
15.   Can your creativity be explained?
16.   What the special you have to work with us?
17.   Explain confidence and over confidence?
18.   What do you think about stretch and working at weekend
19.   Can you relocate or Travel as per company requirement
20.   Your thinking about the work pressure
21.   What makes you happy and angry?
22.   If you got selected, then how long would you can be continue with us?
23.   Any good working experience in past career?
24.   Do you have any other career opportunity right now?
25.   Are you overqualified for this post?
26.   How one employee can be an asset to the company?
27.   For company can you lie
28.   If you get an opportunity to start your own business after one or two years would you go for that?
29.   If you get huge money from your parents or other resources, still you keep continue working
30.   Have someone inspired you ever and reason
31.   Definition of success as per you.
32.   The toughest decision in your life?
33.   Reason for leaving the previous company
34.   Why you were out of the job for years
35.   Why many changes in small duration of experience?
36.   Strength and weakness of the company/Boss/ Team leader.
37.   Why your salary is not high as per the market after high experience?
38.   If you have to report to younger one then
39.   Most boring job you had ever in past experience
40.   If your boss is anti at your decision which is in favor of company for long terms, and your team members are also with your boss.
41.   As per your last job, was that your best efforts
42.   About your leaves for more than a few days in previous jobs.

43.     Any question for Interviewer ?
Simple Interview Questions Asked For Freshers and Experienced in all Sector
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