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Interview Questions Answers and Different Stages of Selection Procedure

Levels of Interview Rounds

1.       First stage is Screening Round
Interview Questions Answers and Different Stages of Selection Procedure
  First stage is Screening Round

where the candidate is filtered on the behalf of resume , personality and presentation, it can be either telephonic , over web cam , or at employer work station, The screener might be the employee of the company in Human Resources department or a third party payroll person, he will be responsible only to judge whether your profile matches with the company requirement of not. Final selector would be the higher authority, the
screener also check the technical skills of the applicant as per the industry norms. Generally screener evaluates education, skills, technical qualification, tracking record of applicant etc.
2.       Telephonic Round is to check the presentation over the phone,
3.     Stress Round
During the stress round interviewer can ask below mentioned questions.
·         “Define Stress”
·         The worst thing in past you faced ever with stress
·         How stress cab be handled by you?
·         In what kind of circle you feel uncomfortable to work?
·         What you like to do while you are out of stress
·         If you find someone doing wrong in your office how will you handle that situation?
·         Is it possible for you to work under stress?
·         Your suggestion for stress sufferer.
4.     Group Discussion 
Interview Questions Answers and Different Stages of Selection Procedure
Group Discussion

Sharing of Views and Ideas is called Group Discussion, particularly this process is followed  to select or recruit management trainee or students,
Pointed to be focused on Group Discussion Round
·         Subject’s Knowledge
·         Wide Preparation
·         Help of Notes on the Topics
·         Repeated Topics to be Aware About
·         Improve Vocabulary and Improve Presentation
·         Representing in balanced tone
·         Being a good listener is must
·         Body language can give you good score
·         Try to avoid accident during the group discussion
·         Prove to be a balancing driver during the Group Discussion
·         Try to get the opportunity to begin and stop discussion with you

5.     Panel Round
6.     Lunch & Break Fast Interview
7.     Behavior  Round
·         During this round you may be asked to describe any situation you persuade someone to convince successfully as per your way
·         Any example of past experience in career when you set a goal , struggle for it and achieve it.
·         Important letter or document drafting you were asked you feel difficulty to do
·         Any situation when you had too much task to do and task you gave priority to do.
·         Example of any time when you took decision in second split time
·         Were you asked any time to take a decision against you
·         If yes any example
·         Dealing with conflicted situations
·         Any situation when you were asked to work with the person you don’t like and you had to follow them for a long period with example
·         Your potential you shown in your team and in front of those who don’t like your supervison

8.     Case and Situation Stage Round
9.     One by One Interaction
Interview Questions Answers and Different Stages of Selection Procedure
One by One Interaction

10.                        Follow up Round

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